Thongs are braided using nylon para-cord making a very attractive and durable product that will last you many years. any length and thickness can be catered to your specifications. Have a look in the Gallery.





Whip Handles  are hand braided and handmade by Mark. He credits his mentor, Jesse Ford for his craftsmanship in leather. Mark also uses para-cord nylon for the shafts,  Red Stag antler, and plain or beaded silver collars producing very attractive whip handles, as well as using various wood species for knob end handles 


Walking Sticks are hand carved from various tree species, taking what nature has already created and bringing the form out of the stick that was within. Mark has a keen eye for seeing the unique images that are part of the natural contours of the wood he selects and coaxes out with his skilled hands truly unique works of art -surely to invoke a comment of admiration.