About Me

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Mark’s bucolic and early influences as a young boy was in the company of “Papa”. Papa, of no relation, was a dear family friend, also known as Clyde Hannah, a field trial foxhunter judge, and night hunter of notable claim. By the age of 15, Mark had his own pack of 12-15 foxhounds and being too young to drive, would hitch a ride for himself and his hounds from fellow hunters to go hunting. It was only a matter of time before Mark transitioned from hunting hounds from the back of a pick-up truck to the back of a horse.

Mark’s formative years in hunt service were spent with the Midland Fox Hounds of Georgia. In 1989, he whipped-in to Jesse Ford, Kennel Huntsman and the legendary, Master and Huntsman, Benjamin H. Hardaway, III. In 1994, Mr. Hardaway elevated Mark to Midland Huntsman.   Mark was Kennel Huntsman to Mason Lampton, MFH until 2000. He was instrumental in publishing the first “Kennel Management Notebook”.

Since his tenure with the Midland Fox Hounds, Mark has maintained and shared his skills,along with a wealth of experiences with the hunting world. Most notably in 2001, he and Stephen Portch formed Hard Away -Whitworth Hounds of Alabama whereby Mark was Master and Huntsman until 2004.

Of recent years, Mark has assisted in the daily management of the veterinary practice of Roger I. Scullin, MFH of Howard-County Iron Bridge Hounds of Damascus, MD, while also managing the Hill and Hollow Bassets of Damascus, MD.